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Divorce Lawyer Marketing


Description of Service:Self-ManagedManaged PPC
What's Included in This Service Option:
  1. Exclusive license of 1-800-DIVORCE brand/phone number in your georgraphic market
  2. ALL phone calls to 1-800-DIVORCE from your area are routed directly and seamlessly to your office
  3. Custom listing on your state page on
  4. Custom divorce-specific microsite or landing page at
  5. Custom contact web form
  6. Online dashboard for monthly invoices and call detail reports
  7. Free access to our library of marketing concepts and samples that have been proved to work, including fee access to the greatest Family Law TV ad ever made
  8. Full access to the entire 1-800-DIVORCE Directory of non-competing cooperative 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers nationwide - for referrals, consultation about local law/procedure or discussion of marketing strategies.
  9. 1-888-DIVORCE
  1. All features listed under our Self-Managed service option PLUS
  2. Creation, development and management of your Google AdWords and/or Bing Ads campaigns.
Who Should Use This Service Option?: You are a hands-on marketing warrior. Whether you will use traditional or digital advertising or some combination of the two, you will handle all of your own 1-800-DIVORCE marketing and/or you have a marketing person in-house who will do so and/or you will use third party marketing companies to handle all outreach - both traditional and online You may or may not use traditional marketing of 1-800-DIVORCE, such as billboards, radio, TV, public transport, bathroom ads, truck/van advertising or other outdoors ads. You may or may not use other non-PPC online marketing outreach.

However, you do want a 1-800-DIVORCE Google Certified Partner to manage your Google AdWords and/or Bing Ads campaigns. You want the phone to ring with people ready to pull the trigger. Those who are not quite ready for the hiring event you want to visit your webiste and/or fill in your web form.
Cost: Based on population of area subscribed. Many rural areas available for $50/month. Many small/medium cities available for $75-250/month. Click below to inquire. Self-Managed cost PLUS $150 per month for Google AdWords and/or Bing Ads PPC management by our Google Certified Partner. No percentages. No upfront money. No commitment. Click below to inquire.
Notes:: This is our traditional service option. You get all of the features listed above, but you handle all of your own marketing outreach - both traditional and online. This is our recommended and most popular service option. It's a complete online package. We build and manage your Google AdWords and/or Bing Ads campaigns, including your landing page(s). You select the ad budget, which you can modify at any time. And you can still handle all of your traditional marketing and non-PPC online marketing yourself or through third parties.