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How 1-800-DIVORCE Works


Sign Up

You sign up for 1-800-DIVORCE service and subscribe a geographic area delineated by telephone area code(s) and/or county lines. Your 1-800-DIVORCE Service Agreement is an exclusive license to market the 1-800-DIVORCE telephone number/trademark within your subscribed area and online.

You also get a free custom listing on your state’s page on and a free divorce-specific micro-site, such as this sample, or a landing page tailored to your 1-800-DIVORCE Pay Per Click campaign(s).

1-800-DIVORCE service now comes with optional Pay Per Click (PPC) Management of your 1-800-DIVORCE Google Adwords and/or Bing Ads campaigns by our in-house Google Certified Partner for a flat fee of $150 per month, regardless of your ad budget. There are no setup costs and no percentages.


You then do exactly what you were going to do anyway – market your Family Law services in order to get more law clients and grow your law firm.

However, instead of using your entirely forgettable firm name and local phone number as your only identifying points of contact, you also incorporate the 1-800-DIVORCE phone number and/or your 1-800-DIVORCE website into all of your marketing outreach.

1-800-DIVORCE works well in both traditional or digital/online marketing campaigns.

It's Memorable!

 Whether your marketing outreach is minimal or aggressive, traditional and/or online,  consumers will rarely have pen and paper when they see or hear it.

Without 1-800-DIVORCE, the average retention time of your name or regular phone number in the memory of your potential client is literally 8 seconds. Few will remember your name. None will remember your local phone number. By contrast, 1-800-DIVORCE describes exactly what your potential clients are seeking. For many, it will be a lifetime memory.

A 2011 study indicates a 75% greater memorability of a toll free vanity phone number over a regular local number.  However, the quality and memorability of the vanity numbers used in the study (1-800-NEW-SKILLS and 1-800-NEW CARE) are nowhere near those of 1-800-DIVORCE.

It's Spontaneously Memorable!

Once it has been seen or heard, your potential client will NEVER forget your phone number! 1-800-DIVORCE is gimmicky, humorous, impressive, convenient, ethical and completely spontaneously memorable.  It will be an unavoidable memory every time she thinks about……….. DIVORCE, whether for herself or for a friend or relative at any time in the future.


Word-of-mouth referrals are exponential and never-ending. This is free business, and it’s automatically built in to 1-800-DIVORCE.

Client Retention

 The naturally poor memorability of your name and local phone number in an advertisement or spoken referral is the number one cause of loss of business that you have actually earned and paid for. It is just ahead of lost business cards and forgetting where the advertisement was seen or who told her about you.

With 1-800-DIVORCE in your legal marketing toolbox, it doesn’t matter what your name is.  It doesn’t matter where your potential client saw or heard about you. She will ALWAYS have a spontaneously memorable path back to you, whether voice (1-800-DIVORCE) or digital (http://your


Any consumer seeing your 1-800-DIVORCE marketing outreach, whether in traditional advertising or in your online campaign(s), will be impressed by your obvious business acumen at having clinched THE most impressive family law phone number and website in the world.

Being so impressed by your apparent domination of the world of divorce and confident of her ability to remember your 1-800-DIVORCE points of contact at all times in the future, she will be MUCH more likely to dial or click on the 1-800-DIVORCE phone number or your online ad from her land line phone, desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Just More Calls

An independent controlled study indicates a 14X increase by US consumers in response to ads containing a toll-free mnemonic number, as opposed to the same ads with a regular toll-free. And the mnemonic used in that study (1-800-NEW-WHEELS) was nowhere near the impressiveness or memorability of 1-800-DIVORCE in its respective field.


Any call to 1-800-DIVORCE from any device assigned (by area code and the first 3 digits of the local number of that device) to your subscribed area is routed automatically, directly and seamlessly to your designated office land line or mobile number.

You get ALL calls from your area.


Any click on your online ads and any consumer visiting your website as a result of traditional advertising (where you should always provide a website address, except on radio) will deliver the potential client to your firm’s customized divorce-specific content on your free micro-site or landing page at

We will develop your 1-800-DIVORCE micro-site or landing page for you without cost or your own web developer can do it for you, if you prefer.

Marketing Ideas and Business Plans

There are many ways to market 1-800-DIVORCE.  You will have access to our extensive ad library of samples and marketing ideas. Also, we can usually put you in touch with a friendly, non-competitive 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer who has tried whatever marketing medium you have in mind.

These days, we are finding that more and more 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers are using 1-800-DIVORCE profitably and online only in such vehicles as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, FaceBook, Gmail ads, etc.

Depending on your own business plan, your marketing outreach can be minimal (printing business cards or brochures to pin up at the courthouse or leave at bars and beauty salons; installing a 1-800-DIVORCE sign or awning at your appropriately located office; a 1-800-DIVORCE sign on an old beater you leave parked around town; organic Search Engine Optimization on your 1-800-DIVORCE website) or more aggressive (radio; TV; billboards; public transport; bathroom ads; mobile truck ads; Google AdWords;  Google Call-Only; Bing; FaceBook;  other on-line social; airplane banner towed past crowded beaches in summer, etc.).

The best campaigns in 1-800-DIVORCE history have often been brilliantly simple.  We remember fondly the homemade 2′ X 2′ billboard nailed to a pole in the parking lot of a rural honky-tonk that produced, for $40 per month, several uncontesteds per month. The spectacularly successful, specifically-placed 8-word yellow-on-black billboards, the humorous and now famous Henry VIII radio spots (where it’s always a question of whether Hank or the wife of the moment calls 1-800-DIVORCE first); the iconic NYC subway ad campaign that brought so much secondary copy (most of it positive – all of it good) and the absolute best divorce TV ad (we say the best lawyer ad) EVER (You get to customize and use that ad as part of your 1-800-DIVORCE package) are all now legends in the 1-800-DIVORCE world.

And you don’t have to re-invent the wheel with 1-800-DIVORCE!  Be brilliant by all means. That is entirely consistent with the 1-800-DIVORCE business model.  We are not a centralized expensive ad co-op. You control locally and you go on to your own greater heights.  But bear in mind that we already know what works. And what works is ALL that counts!

Whatever type of campaign you decide on, the 1-800-DIVORCE business model will accommodate.  1-800-DIVORCE is adaptable, scaleable and in most markets can be bootstrapped with very little up-front money, intelligently spent.

HOWEVER, let’s get real here for just a moment.  Some up-front advertising budget will be necessary.  If it is your intent to sign up for a month or two, without any business plan and with no funding at all, just to see what happens, 1-800-DIVORCE is NOT for you. Please move on. We specifically do NOT seek the business of opportunist lawyers who think they can glom onto someone else’s advertising money and score a case or two. We are looking only for long-term successes, intelligently planned.

While we cannot guarantee your results (any more than you can guarantee your own client’s legal results), we CAN guarantee 2 things:  (1) You, and you alone, will be in control of your  own 1-800-DIVORCE campaign and; (2) Whatever you do, 1-800-DIVORCE will produce more calls and clicks from any marketing outreach than you could currently achieve without 1-800-DIVORCE.

1-800-DIVORCE provides you with the marketing leverage required to get you off the roulette wheel of local divorce lawyers.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

This is an optional, but highly recommended use of 1-800-DIVORCE, providing it fits your professional style and business plan.

It is a particularly wise application of 1-800-DIVORCE to use it to feed a better-paying or preferred area of practice, or even to feed a general practice.  Some of our more successful long-term 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers have made a career out of doing so.

Family Law clients are relatively cheaply acquired, relatively easily satisfied and they have bankruptcies, unfair dismissals, slip and falls, car wrecks and DUI’s, etc. at least at the rate of the general population.  If their experience with you on their 1-800-DIVORCE event was positive, they will come back to you and/or refer a friend.  The cause of action in the subsequent event doesn’t matter.  You will be considered her lawyer and you will receive the non-Family Law call on 1-800-DIVORCE, which will always be her way back to you.

Many 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers over the years have bootstrapped other successful types of practice, mostly personal injury but even a criminal appeals practice in one instance, out of their 1-800-DIVORCE activities.  Regrettably, some have become so successful in those endeavors that they dropped 1-800-DIVORCE, but that’s a different success story.  Such events do open up a market and permit a healthy turnover in the system.

Bear in mind that in this particular application of 1-800-DIVORCE, it may be wise also to set up a separate PLLC, or whatever, to keep your 1-800-DIVORCE practice separate and distinct from your preferred general or other practice.  We’ve had one ultra-successful 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer who kept her low-cost 1-800-DIVORCE practice completely separate from her high-asset divorce practice.  Each never knew the other existed.

That is not to say, BTW, that 1-800-DIVORCE will not drive a high-priced divorce practice itself.  For many years, we had one fellow who charged a minimum of $15,000 per case.  And he consistently got one such case per month through his 1-800-DIVORCE campaign.

However, you must pave the path for your existing and past 1-800-DIVORCE clients to make it back to you on a cross-selling or up-selling basis.  They will already know how to get back to you, but you must advise them constantly what is available along that path.

From the very first visit to your office, there must be brochures on your waiting room table and at your reception desk.  Those brochures must provide information about your other areas of practice.  Every piece of snail mail must include such a brochure, with occasional money-off-coupons or referral discounts for “existing” clients. You must also encourage clients to “like” your FaceBook page and sign up on your website for your monthly blog posting or e-newsletter.  These are yet more opportunities for you to advise clients shamelessly of your other offered areas of practice.

Of course, this is all ethical and possible because of ABA Rule 7.3 (and any equivalent rule of your state’s code of ethics).  You can solicit business when there has been an existing relationship with the client.

With 1-800-DIVORCE, the LTV (Lifetime Value) of your average client can become quite high, thereby rendering your initial cost of acquisition as even more reasonable than it seemed at the time. This is the business you don’t pay for.  It’s automatically built into the branding of 1-800-DIVORCE if you want it.