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Why Use 1-800-DIVORCE


Below is the list of benefits your firm will acquire by signing up for 1-800-DIVORCE:

  • Exclusive Geographic Area
  • Secure Contract With No Long Term Commitment
  • Low Flat Monthly Cost
  • No Up-Front Costs
  • Ethical
  • Works Well in Both Traditional and Online Marketing
  • Unique Competitive Advantage Over Your Local Competition
  • Built-In Branding
  • Impressive and Convenient to Clients
  • Spontaneously Memorable – You don’t lose the business you’ve already earned and paid for.
  • You Control – NOT an expensive advertising co-op
  • Your Pay Per Click Campaigns Managed – by a Google Certified Partner, experienced in 1-800-DIVORCE campaigns, for $150 flat per month – if you select our optional Managed Service
  • Scaleable to Your Practice Requirements
  • Adaptable – Works equally well to develop a pure family law practice OR build a general practice OR feed and/or insure a practice in a preferred field
  • Versatile – can be used in a virtual or traditional practice or a hybrid arrangement; works equally well whether you file your cases pro se, in some un-bundled/limited scope manner or traditionally
  • Can Be Your Bridge to a Complete or Partial Virtual Firm
  • Enables You to Distinguish Your Firm From Un-qualified On-line Divorce Providers and to Compete With Same
  • No Advertising Minimums
  • Cheapest and Fastest Build-Up of Client Base
  • Enables a Separate Family Law Micro-site or Landing Page at No Additional Cost – and does not interfere with the theme of your main general/specific practice website, i.e does NOT make you appear a jack-of-all trades or to have a laundry list of services – hoping to get SOMETHING
  • Existing Family Law Clients Readily Up-Sold Other Services – based on legal need and consultation with a properly informed client
  • Existing and Prior Family Law Clients Readily Cross-Sold Additional More Profitable Legal Services as Needed in the Future
  • No Equipment Needed – just your existing office or cell phone
  • Drives Never-Ending Word of Mouth Referrals
  • Inevitably More Calls and Clicks From ANY Outreach
  • No Daisy-Chain of Agents – You deal directly with the UK barrister who owns Legal Marketing Systems



Did we mention that you also get 1-888-DIVORCE at no additional cost?  This prevents any competitor from mounting a copy-cat campaign in your market.

The lesser versions of DIVORCE, 877, 866, 855 and 844 are all in the hands of  small individual law firms.  If one of them is in your market, you will get a nickel or a dime on every dollar they spend on marketing, just as you will from the lawyer who has the DIVORCE version of your local area code. A percentage of American consumers will always default to the 800 version of any mnemonic phone number.