You use all of the same "me-too" law firm marketing platforms and strategies as all other local divorce lawyers.

Yet somehow you continue to get the same equalized results as all other local divorce lawyers.

 It's almost like you should consider at least one marketing outreach that would distinguish you from the local lawyer-crowd.  Just in case your target clients might be looking for a distinctive problem-solving lawyer to look after their legal and economic interests.

 From the perspective of your target clients (You know - the only perspective that actually counts), they are awash in divorce lawyers.

And all those divorce lawyers look and sound the same. They all claim they are aggressive and bold and whatever. Though not one divorce lawyer is able to prove any such claim.

Will your target clients perceive you as that unique, resonant, competitive divorce lawyer by virtue of your exclusive control of the best family law brand in the world?

Or will they find you standing in the same lines and saying the same unprovable things as all other local divorce lawyers?



Law Firm Marketing


There’s nothing wrong with having law firm marketing accounts at Avvo, GMB, LegalZoom, Yelp and all the rest. Of course, if you have free accounts only, you won’t get many, if any, clients.

The real problem with the mass lawyer-finder platforms is that every divorce lawyer in town has signed up. There is no limit on sign-ups. So the success of the platforms in signing up all divorce lawyers – with relatively flat consumer demand – ensures equalized and ever-diminishing returns for all of those lawyers. 

If you have a free account at Avvo and the others, as more local divorce lawyers (plus those lawyers who claim they can handle divorce) pay for better positions, fewer cases go to those lawyers in the free listings section.

And any cases that do go to the free listings are equalized across all lawyers with free accounts because all lawyers are required to look the same. Any kind of law branding is not permitted on platforms that want their own brands to be dominant.

If you Pay-to-Play on the mass lawyer-finder platforms, you’re actually paying them to reduce your profit per case (by increasing your case acquisition cost) in a relatively flat demand market. And the more lower-profit cases you get, the more you will need more……..lower profit cases.

So NOT smart if these me-too lawyer-finder platforms are your only or predominant law firm marketing outreach.

However, Legal Marketing Systems is not recommending that you replace anything in your current legal marketing toolbox. We are recommending only that you ADD one item to it.

Your target client is looking for a unique connection with a local lawyer. She is emotional and scared and looking for a comfort level.  She is looking for a reason to choose someone, anyone, from an ocean of identical lawyer ads, websites, GMB’s and promises. She is looking for some proof that some lawyer has the experience and skills to understand her specific legal problems and personal fears. She is looking for tangible benefits from you, not meaningless me-too promises that cannot be proved. She is looking for some proof of creative problem-solving from you.

Are you offering your target clients that type of resonant connection? Or are you doing and saying exactly the same as every other lawyer-competitor in town?

Why would any divorce or family law consumer select you from all available local divorce lawyers to look after her legal and economic interests if she sees that you are not even looking after your own economic interests in a distinctive and competitive manner?

Law firm branding is the process of setting yourself apart from the lawyer-crowd.  If your law branding makes you blend in, how does that help your business?

Specifically, legal branding is about convincing your target family law clients that you are the unique provider of a relevant and creative solution to their problems and needs – without saying a single word.

“Wow, if this lawyer has 1-800-DIVORCE, s/he MUST be not only experienced and affordable but also a competitive problem-solver. This is the lawyer I want to represent my interests and resolve my problems.”

Are you ready to upgrade your firm’s legal marketing strategies? 1-800-DIVORCE will make lawyer branding work for you.

Please note that because of the exclusivity of the 1-800-DIVORCE service, any offer contained herein must be made strictly subject to prior subscription by one of your local competitors. 


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 “Good example of how to market with a dignified tone and colloquial language that lay people can understand”

Business Week, January 16, 2001 (now Bloomberg Businessweek)


  • "I can say unhesitatingly that my practice would not have survived but for 1-800-DIVORCE. As a young sole practitioner I encountered keen competition. 1-800-DIVORCE provided me the needed clients as well as a sense of security in that it produced, and continues to produce today, a consistent number of new calls and clients." D.C., Maryland
  • "1-800-DIVORCE has turned my business around. Since (we) joined the program just over one year ago, we have had to stop taking new business twice in that period of time. This was due solely to the large volume of calls and resulting cases from 1-800-DIVORCE." R.W., Massachusetts
  • "1-800-DIVORCE is pretty famous now here in Denver." W.P. Colorado
  • "I am writing this letter to reaffirm my solid belief in 1-800-DIVORCE. The number is a marketing dream. Our calls now average around 800 a month with hundreds of clients (both contested and uncontested) to keep our small office more than busy." C.S., Georgia
  • "I highly recommend to anyone considering signing up with 1-800-DIVORCE that they do so and do so immediately. For the relatively low cost of carrying 1-800-DIVORCE, the potential is enormous. Judging from the incredible response to a small Yellow Pages ad, I believe that television and radio advertisements using 1-800-DIVORCEshould result in an extremely high volume of calls. I believe the sky is the limit regarding the success of 1-800-DIVORCE" J.M., Illinois

Check 1-800-DIVORCE Availability in Your Market