You use all of the same "me-too" law firm marketing strategies as all other local divorce lawyers.

Yet somehow you continue to get the same equalized results as all other local divorce lawyers.


Check 1-800-DIVORCE Availability in Your Town

Ever had an email from your Avvo rep telling you that because they've just signed up another dozen lawyers in your zip code, your monthly fee has gone down again?

After all, the demand for legal services in your town remains relatively static. Yet you continue to pay more to Avvo, FindLaw, LegalZoom and other lead-gen companies to enable them to saturate your local market. In fact, you refer colleagues to them. You're paying for their success which ensures your diminishing returns.


Check 1-800-DIVORCE Availability in Your Town

 Your target clients are awash in divorce lawyers. They are looking for someone unique, bold, distinctive, stylish, savvy  and COMPETITIVE to resolve their problems and protect their legal and economic interests.

Will they perceive you as that unique divorce lawyer by virtue of your boldness and creativity in securing your own professional interests? Or will they find you standing in the same line as all other local divorce lawyers - with an Avvo profile exactly like those of all other local divorce lawyers?


Check 1-800-DIVORCE Availability in Your Town

If you do not appreciate the significance of the Lifetime Value of each of your clients, please research that concept. It is critically important to your firm's future profitability.

If you've satisfied a client on Avvo or Legal Zoom, will they return/refer to you in the future or to Avvo and Legal Zoom?

Will they even remember your name and phone number or where they put your card? Avvo not only owns your legal marketing content and client testimonials but also your future "good will." And Avvo is going to play your clients much better in the future than you will have time for. After all, you work for Avvo.


Check 1-800-DIVORCE Availability in Your Town



Law Firm Marketing


It’s almost like you should stop relying on Avvo and similar law firm marketing services you don’t control. The lead-gen business model probably seemed attractive when you signed up. It would enable you to concentrate on the practice of law, right?
The problem is that every other divorce lawyer in town thought the same thing. So the lead-gen companies’ great success in your town – with relatively flat consumer-law demand – ensures your equalized and ever-diminishing returns. You’re paying the lead-gen company to reduce your profit per case.
Maybe you should abandon the yellow-pages mentality of renting advertising space from others. Maybe you should stop pumping the brands of others. Maybe you should consider the unique opportunity provided by the Internet to own and control all of your law firm’s branding and marketing assets instead of renting someone else’s space and allowing someone else to own and control your brand, your legal marketing content, your client testimonials, your profit margin per case and your future “good will.”
Perhaps you should even stop paying ANY legal marketing service that is also paid to promote your local competitors. That’s called a conflict of interest.
Perhaps you should begin to set yourself apart from the local lawyer-crowd by clinching the exclusive life-estate contract for 1-800-DIVORCE in your market.

As the EXCLUSIVE 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer in your town, you will be perceived by your target clients as bold creative decisive unique intriguing hi-tech experienced cost-effective consumer-friendly business savvy distinctive


Please Hire Me - I'm Just Like Every Other Divorce Lawyer

Free web directories,  free online yellow pages,  free local lawyer referral services, paid generic legal marketing plans, lead generator packages and all other me-too lawyer marketing plans are designed to keep your financial returns level with those of other local divorce  lawyers with whom you compete.

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Why Do Anything Different or New?

If you’re happy with your current level of business returns in exchange for your current investment, congratulations. Do nothing different. However…..

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Do You Even Brand?

Branding is not just your logo, firm name and the colors and design of your law firm website.  Broadly speaking, branding is the accumulation of every single professional action taken by you that can be seen or heard by someone else. Branding includes intangibles such as your firm’s policies, attitudes, personality, style and reputation.

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Show Me What This Looks Like

Hopefully, you already have some idea of what 1-800-DIVORCE would look in your own law firm’s marketing. That’s sort of the point. 1-800-DIVORCE provides the law firm branding and legal marketing platform, but you bring your own unique part of the success story to the table. You must have a law firm business development plan.  Hopefully, it’s a good one, but it must be yours.



 “Good example of how to market with a dignified tone and colloquial language that lay people can understand”

Business Week, January 16, 2001 (now Bloomberg Businessweek)


  • "I can say unhesitatingly that my practice would not have survived but for 1-800-DIVORCE. As a young sole practitioner I encountered keen competition. 1-800-DIVORCE provided me the needed clients as well as a sense of security in that it produced, and continues to produce today, a consistent number of new calls and clients." D.C., Maryland
  • "1-800-DIVORCE has turned my business around. Since (we) joined the program just over one year ago, we have had to stop taking new business twice in that period of time. This was due solely to the large volume of calls and resulting cases from 1-800-DIVORCE." R.W., Massachusetts
  • "1-800-DIVORCE is pretty famous now here in Denver." W.P. Colorado
  • "I am writing this letter to reaffirm my solid belief in 1-800-DIVORCE. The number is a marketing dream. Our calls now average around 800 a month with hundreds of clients (both contested and uncontested) to keep our small office more than busy." C.S., Georgia
  • "I highly recommend to anyone considering signing up with 1-800-DIVORCE that they do so and do so immediately. For the relatively low cost of carrying 1-800-DIVORCE, the potential is enormous. Judging from the incredible response to a small Yellow Pages ad, I believe that television and radio advertisements using 1-800-DIVORCEshould result in an extremely high volume of calls. I believe the sky is the limit regarding the success of 1-800-DIVORCE" J.M., Illinois