1-800-DIVORCE and Your Life Goals

1-800-DIVORCE has been assisting solo and small firm divorce lawyers to reach their life goals since June, 1991.

Everyone has life goals. It doesn’t matter what your own life goals are. You’ve got them.

Maybe it’s fishing. More golf. More pro bono. Travel. Semi-retirement in virtual law practice. Helping the community. Moving to the Caribbean. Giving back. Developing your art. Gardening. Writing that book. More time with your spouse. More time with your grandchildren. 

Your law practice is one of your life goals and an excellent path to most or all of your other life goals, but law practice is not the totality of your life goals. There’s much more.

If you’re going to try to attain your all-important life goals by merely turning up at your law office every morning for 40 years, you’re not going to make it. You will not reach your goals. 

Get More Law Clients FasterYou will fail because the current dominant market trends in family law marketing will prevent you from getting enough clients, making enough profit and scaling your practice up to the required level of success to enable you to attain those life goals. 

Mediocre results from your law practice will not attain your life goals. And equalized mediocre results are what virtually all divorce lawyers are presently receiving.

That’s because, like almost all of your local competitors, you’ve delegated control of your family law marketing strategy to others who told you they would look after you – notably Avvo and other mass-lawyer directories as well as your own hired SEO/PPC digital marketing agencies.

You cannot attain your life goals without a constant demonstrable competitive edge in your marketing. Your results will be too equalized with those of your local “competitors.” It’s that simple.

You almost certainly don’t have a competitive edge in your marketing. Bear in mind that this has absolutely nothing to do with your competitiveness in the actual practice of law. 

1-800-DIVORCE can provide you with the competitive edge that is missing from your marketing plan.

No, it’s not quite that simple. 1-800-DIVORCE does provide you an immediate competitive edge by virtue of the comfort level it provides to your target clients. They are seeking that spark.

However, you must also bring your own personal positioning strategy to the table.

But suddenly, no local divorce lawyer will be able to duplicate your strategy and positioning. Currently, all of them are doing that as a result of the pervasive and homogenous quagmire of family law marketing controlled by Avvo et al and cut-throat digital marketing agencies.

If you want to stop earning the same amount of money as your competitors by taking the same marketing actions as they, we should discuss.

Bear in mind that if you do not have a marketing strategy or if you do not like competition in marketing, this offer is not for you. We won’t do this unless we are BOTH smiling.

We are lawyers, not salespeople. We’ve been doing this for 30 years. We will happily discuss this opportunity with you, and there will be no BS from us.

Bear in mind that by definition, we can only provide a competitive marketing advantage to one divorce lawyer per market.

All other local divorce lawyers must be the lawyers against whom that one lawyer will hold his or her competitive advantage. So if this opportunity is not for you, we wish you luck. 

Your continuity of marketing action will be essential to our assisting one of your competitors to achieve his or her life goals.

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