In a Nutshell, What Is This Service?

Each lawyer who signs up for 1-800-DIVORCE service gets an exclusive geographic calling area delineated by area code(s) (or by county lines in some rural areas). Each lawyer then incorporates the 1-800-DIVORCE phone number/brand and/or 1-800-DIVORCE website into his or her family law marketing, whether traditional and/or online.

Any consumer dialing or clicking-to-call 1-800-DIVORCE from any phone or device assigned to the subscribed geographic area is routed directly and transparently to the subscribing lawyer’s office line or cellphone.

What Does This Service Provide Me?

1-800-DIVORCE provides you a competitive advantage by increasing the return on your Family Law marketing investments, whether traditional and/or online, to some level well beyond the ROI being experienced by your local lawyer competitors for similar outreach and investment. It does so on an exclusive basis such that no local lawyer competitor can ever duplicate your investment returns – once you have signed up.

1-800-DIVORCE accomplishes that competitive edge by providing the consumer a convenient, impressive and spontaneously memorable brand that increases significantly the likelihood that the consumer will call or click you immediately after seeing your family law advertising and then call you back later on (a fundamental and constant business-retention problem in family law) after s/he has gone away to consider and make a buying decision.

Consumers relying upon the roulette wheels of online yellow pages, free web directories, cookie-cutter jack-of-all-trades lawyer websites, local egalitarian lawyer referral services and all other me-too legal marketing plans are awash in lawyers, all of whom look the same. Consumers are seeking a ‘spark’ – a connection. You must give them an intriguing, meaningful and competitive reason to select you from the local lawyer-crowd. 1-800-DIVORCE is that reason.

1-800-DIVORCE is not only a memorable and impressive convenience but also a strong, creative and competitive marketing statement that distinguishes you in an ethical and appreciated manner.

Why Should I Sign Up For This Service?

Consumers always seek some indication of business acumen or creativity or just ‘smarts’ from every service provider – something intriguing or meaningful to that consumer to engage that consumer with the service provider.

This is a quite distinct and different consideration to the quality of the service that will be provided. Consumers cannot know in advance what level of quality of family law services you will provide. Even if they have received a recommendation, each case will be different and the quality of service may differ. They seek intuitive indications of continuity of quality. 1-800-DIVORCE is one.

From your perspective, if you are waiting, in a lawyerly manner, to build your practice nobly upon personal referrals alone (or upon folks remembering the name of your firm), let’s hope you are very young.

Toll free mnemonics like 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-DENTIST, 1-800-BANKRUPT, 1-800-INJURED, 1-800-LAWYERS, 1-800-ACCIDENT, 1-800-CONTACTS, etc. produce immediate results. Premier toll-frees like these have been training American consumers since 1967 to call such numbers to obtain ‘smarter’ and more business-like, if not better, services. These premier toll-frees are obviously far ahead of generic toll free numbers in marketing value and efficacy, and local phone numbers are not even in the race.

Premier toll-frees have established beyond doubt that consumers are much more likely to call, remain loyal to and refer others to a clever, even gimicky, 800 mnemonic brand that describes the very product or service to be obtained by calling. Modern consumers seek a comfort level. They know nothing, and care less, about the Bar’s traditional resistance to self-promotion. However, they do understand instinctively that nothing produces better quality service than the experience provided by a clever premier industry-dominant toll free number.

The comfort level your potential clients are seeking is provided by the knowledge that while you are local, you are also business savvy and experienced, as you certainly will be, in family law.  You are local but part of a nationwide brand. And you may not have realized until right now that there is just such a premier toll-free number available in your own field of practice! Well, now you do know!! And this is why you should sign up straight away.

What Are the Costs?

There’s a flat-rate monthly licensing fee that is based upon the population of the geographic area you subscribe. Commercially viable rural areas start as low as $75 per month. Many medium sized markets are in the $75-250 per month range.

We’d be happy to provide a no-obligation quote for your area, if it is available, once we know what market area you have in mind. The draft Service Agreement we would send you initially, upon your request, will also detail your geographic area and your flat rate monthly licensing fee.

If This Is So Good, Why Is My Area Still Available?

The question pre-supposes that your area IS available. Double-check availability by calling Legal Marketing Systems at 1-800-PETEROH or by completing our web contact form.  At this writing, almost half of available markets have been taken. Almost all large markets are gone.

However, assuming that your area is available, it is so because:

  1. We spend almost nothing to advertise the availability of the 1-800-DIVORCE service!  We find that traditional advertising aimed at lawyers brings us remarkably few quality lawyers/humans and an incredibly high proportion of low-quality lawyer opportunists who have either no intent or ability to advertise and seek only to glom onto someone else’s advertising expenditures short term to pick up a case or two before bailing out in a month or two. We have learned this lesson harshly on multiple occasions. So our only outreach is this site. Conversely, we have found that those lawyers who have analyzed the family law industry, formulated a business plan and then actively searched for legal marketing tools and found 1-800-DIVORCE by figuring it out themselves have a much higher commercial acumen, are better lawyers, better humans and are more likely to strengthen the 1-800-DIVORCE network and remain in a long-term relationship with us. We seek only that type of lawyer. So while there is probably a guy or a gal in the office next door to you right now who would sign up if s/he knew about 1-800-DIVORCE , s/he doesn’t. You, on the other hand, have gone through the self-qualifying commercial process of finding 1-800-DIVORCE yourself.
  2. Successful 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers drop out of the network. Everyone has a limit for family law. For example, this writer’s was 17 years and 27,651 cases, but I’m unusual. While we have a few members approaching 20 years of participation, a typical successful contract duration is more along the lines of 5-8 years. After that, successful participants are often ready to move on to a different level of their practice and are able to do so. So your city or town may have supported a successful 1-800-DIVORCE activity once or twice already! Ask us.

Do I Need To Buy or Lease Any Equipment?

No. You need only a working phone line and telephone on which to terminate calls. A cell phone or smartphone also works. Any device that has a 10-digit phone number works.

What Is the Term of My Commitment?<

The 1-800-DIVORCE Service Agreement is a license. It begins when you sign up and it continues to run until it is terminated. Our causes for termination are strictly limited to non-payment or cessation of law practice by you. You can terminate service at any time during the term of the license without cause after 30 days’ written notice. Your 1-800-DIVORCE Service Agreement is essentially an exclusive life-estate license that you control completely.

What Results Can I Expect From This Service?

Would that ANYTHING in our lives could be that simple.

We can’t tell you how good 1-800-DIVORCE will be for you – any more than you could tell us how good your law firm development plan, marketing content, funding, fee schedule and intake system will be.  These factors will certainly determine how well 1-800-DIVORCE performs for you.

What we can tell you is that 1-800-DIVORCE is definitely an advertising-driven system and that you are definitely going to do much better with it than without it – PROVIDING you advertise.

What is our proof for that statement?  Well, we will not be in your pockets after you have signed up, just as we are not in the pockets of current 1-800-DIVORCE members. Nor would you, or any other 1-800-DIVORCE member, permit us to know your specific economic details, which we would need to know to be able to tell you now exactly how well you will do with 1-800-DIVORCE. So predictably,  that’s how that works, and we suggest that’s how it should work.  You correctly won’t tell us then how well you’ve done, so that’s why we can’t tell you definitively now how you will do.

But what else we can tell you is that last month the average duration of contract for all of the approximately 60 existing 1-800-DIVORCE members was 104 months (8.5 years) That figure has been adversely affected in the last couple of years because our early 1990’s members who were older when they signed up are now beginning to die or retire, and we are signing up brand new members who start at month #1. We have many current 1-800-DIVORCE members who signed up in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  That would not be so if the 1-800-DIVORCE service was not constantly and substantially profitable for those experienced lawyers. So that, we suggest, is probative circumstantial evidence as to how well you will do with 1-800-DIVORCE.

Putting it another way, how many services have you subscribed to that have lasted 8.5 years?  In fact, how many services have you ever subscribed to that are profitable, or even purport to be profitable?!  Most third party services offered to lawyers cost you money!  They may well be convenient and they may even save you money (which is a form of making money), but not many make you money on a net basis.

1-800-DIVORCE makes you money and is versatile at doing so. Some 1-800-DIVORCE members advertise minimally and use their family law practice for maintenance income. Others have gone to great glories and have built huge family law practices. No matter how you use 1-800-DIVORCE, what can be stated definitively is that (1) you remain in control of your own growth and (2) whatever marketing out-reach you use, the results will be enhanced considerably by 1-800-DIVORCE.

Please call 1-800-PETEROH for further information about the likely results to be obtained through the use of 1-800-DIVORCE. We can usually put you in touch with an existing member in a market similar to yours. Most members are prepared, as we hope you will be one day shortly, to discuss results with a potential non-competitive 1-800-DIVORCE colleague.