Peter J. O'Hanlon, CEO and Founder, Legal Marketing Systems, Ltd.

1-800-DIVORCE Pricing

Our monthly flat fees for 1-800-DIVORCE service start at $297. Our fee depends on the population of the area you subscribe. Most remaining available areas are $397 or $497.

Our fee is payable in arrears on the first day of each calendar month for service during the prior calendar month.

The flat monthly fee includes (1) your license to use 1-800-DIVORCE in all of your digital and real-world marketing outreach, (2) the cost of all inbound 1-800-DIVORCE calls and (3) our management fee for the built-in Google Ads (pay per click or call) or Google Local Services Ads (Google Screened) (pay per lead) campaign.

Compare our fee and what is included to what  your digital marketing agency is charging you in advance to keep you level with your competitors.

There is also a very reasonable minimum ad spend required for the Google Ads or Google Local Services Ads campaign. The minimum ad spend also depends on the population of the area you  subscribe.  The ad spend is payable in advance on the first day of each calendar month.

We can talk about the minimum ad spend, but you should definitely be aware that one is required.  You must be ready, willing AND able to succeed with 1-800-DIVORCE. In fact, we insist on it.

Most 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers scale up their ad spend to their desired level of income within the first few months.

Our monthly flat fee for 1-800-DIVORCE service is ridiculously low in relation to what the best family law marketing tool in the world can do for your firm. 

Keep in mind that when you become the exclusive 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer in your market, you ARE 1-800-DIVORCE. Not only can you use 1-800-DIVORCE in all of your digital marketing outreach, but also in all real-world advertising opportunities such as billboard, radio, mobile, public transport, bathroom ads, taxi and bus stop bench ads.  These all work spectacularly well with 1-800-DIVORCE.

Bear in mind also that the 1-800-DIVORCE license agreement is an extremely secure “lifetime estate” contract with strict limits on any increases in the monthly fee. We CANNOT take advantage once you are invested. Our right to terminate is limited to non-payment. You may terminate at any time without cause.