Divorce Lawyer SEO

This is what you look like to your potential clients BEFORE 1-800-DIVORCE


For divorce lawyers who are dissatisfied with the returns from their online campaigns, 1-800-DIVORCE offers an unique package that provides your law practice a powerful combination of impressive local branding and enhanced divorce lawyer SEO and/or Pay Per Click (PPC) (use only Call Only campaigns on Google AdWords).

Consider these 4 pervasive online marketing trends that are fundamental to all 1-800-DIVORCE online campaigns:

  1. According to Google, “97% of consumers search for local businesses online.”
  2. According to comScore, “60% of online traffic is now mobile” traffic – smartphones and tablets.
  3. According to Google, “70% of mobile searchers use click-to-call” – when the business has added a click-to-call phone number in an AdWords call-extension or call-only campaign.
  4. According to Google, Adding a phone number to your page descriptions and AdWords text ads in “Call extensions” have typically increased click through rate by 6-8%.”

Now consider how your own 1-800-DIVORCE divorce lawyer seo campaigns will exploit those 4 fundamental trends:

  1. 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. All divorce lawyers are local. So 97% of your potential clients are already searching online for your local family law services. Because of the relatively low cost of lawyers being online, those potential clients are awash in lawyers, all of whom look the same. That means to succeed in a highly competitive environment, you must not only be online but have an impressive and memorable brand that proclaims your success and distinguishes you from the lawyer-crowd. You must resonate. You must offer an intriguing and engaging message designed to lead potential clients to the conclusion that you are creative and can resolve their problems cost-effectively.
  2. 60% of online traffic is now mobile traffic: Your 1-800-DIVORCE microsite and/or landing page(s) will be responsive, i.e. look good on all devices, particularly smartphones. Only Google Call-Only campaigns are recommended on Google AdWords.
  3. 70% of mobile searchers use click to call:  In Google Adwords campaigns, we can have call-extensions to text ads and/or call-only campaigns. Each of these techniques utilizes click-to-call technology. Call-only campaigns are delivered only to mobile devices that have phone-call capability. As well as displaying the 1-800-DIVORCE brand, such ads have a button that the mobile user knows to click to make the call. The actual phone number is not displayed at all – but the 1-800-DIVORCE brand is displayed.  It’s a huge advantage that companies like our industry colleagues at 1-800-FLOWERS are exploiting. See this Google case study.  Mobile users love to make calls on their devices, particularly to numbers they see as “cool” or creative and particularly with click-to-call buttons. And you prefer calls over clicks because calls come from potential clients who are closer to making a hiring decision.  They are ready to speak with someone.
  4. Call extensions have typically increased click through rate by 6-8%:  And that is with just a regular local phone number. Imagine the increased click through with 1-800-DIVORCE. This is important. You should understand what this means.  With 1-800-DIVORCE in your website page descriptions (what Google and Bing display in your online organic search engine results) and Google AdWords call extensions, you will benefit from the powerful synergy that exists between voice and digital and that Google is telling you about. Yes, more potential clients will call you because you’ve got 1-800-DIVORCE, but also more will click through to your website because you’ve got 1-800-DIVORCE.

Now, armed with knowledge about these pervasive online marketing trends, let’s put your complete divorce lawyer seo strategy together for 1-800-DIVORCE:

1-800-DIVORCE is the full online package for divorce lawyers. It provides trusted branding to impress local divorce consumers who will think that you must be the font of all divorce wisdom to have clinched 1-800-DIVORCE exclusively in your town. If you need it, 1800-DIVORCE provides you with a microsite or landing page at https://1800Divorce.com/Your-Town. This will un-clutter any “jack-of-all-trades” general law practice website and move your Family Law traffic to a specialized location. 1-800-DIVORCE gets your memorable phone number into all of your SEO and PPC search engine results and increases both calls and clicks.

1-800-DIVORCE produces more clicks from the top end of the sales funnel because potential clients will see 1-800-DIVORCE in your ads and know that they will remember your number when they are ready to call. And it produces more calls from the bottom of the sales funnel when potential clients have completed their research and comparisons and are ready to talk to you.

Callers are always more valuable (about 10X more valuable)  to you as they tend to be closer to the bottom of the sales funnel, but many potential clients will prefer to click, at least initially.  You’ve got both callers and clickers covered because you advertise both voice (1-800-DIVORCE) and digital paths (your 1-800-DIVORCE microsite or landing page) in both your traditional and/or online marketing.

No lead generator, pre-paid marketing plan, advertising co-op or any of the other “me-too” online marketing options for lawyers can offer you the Google-confirmed results of the synergy that exists between the powerful branding of 1-800-DIVORCE and the creative local divorce lawyer seo and search  capabilities that 1-800-DIVORCE makes possible.

This is what you will look like to your potential clients AFTER 1-800-DIVORCE. Well, maybe not that young.