How 1-800-DIVORCE Works


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You sign up for 1-800-DIVORCE service and subscribe a geographic area delineated by telephone area code(s) and/or county lines.

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You then do exactly what you were going to do anyway – market your Family Law services in order to get more law clients and grow your law firm. If you are not marketing your law firm, you don’t have a law firm.

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It's Memorable!

 Whether your legal marketing outreach is minimal or aggressive, traditional and/or online,  consumers will rarely have pen and paper when they see or hear it.

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It's Still Memorable!

Once it has been seen or heard, your potential client will NEVER forget your phone number!

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Client Retention

 The naturally poor memorability of your name and local phone number in an advertisement or spoken referral is the number one cause of loss of business that you have already earned and paid for.

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“Communicate your knowledge, skill, and experience without talking about your knowledge, skill, and experience.” – Lawyerist

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Just More Calls

An independent controlled study indicates a 14X increase by US consumers in response to ads containing a toll-free mnemonic number, as opposed to the same ads with a regular toll-free. And the mnemonic used in that study (1-800-NEW-WHEELS) was nowhere near the impressiveness or memorability of 1-800-DIVORCE in its respective field.


Any call to 1-800-DIVORCE from any device assigned (by area code and the first 3 digits of the local number of that device) to your subscribed area is routed automatically, directly and seamlessly to your designated office land line or mobile number.

You get ALL calls from your area.


Any click on your online ads or any consumer visiting your website directly as a result of either real world or online advertising (where you should always provide a website address, except possibly on radio) ….

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Marketing Ideas

There are many ways to market 1-800-DIVORCE.  You probably have a few law firm marketing ideas right now. Yes, those will work. You will also have access to our extensive ad library of samples and marketing ideas. Also, we can usually put you in touch with a friendly, non-competitive 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer who has tried whatever legal marketing strategy you have in mind.

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Up-Selling & Cross-Selling

This is an optional, but highly recommended component of 1-800-DIVORCE, providing it fits your professional style and business plan.

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