Law Firm Marketing Strategies


Supply and Demand

In any developed market of finite size, the supply of lawyers will expand constantly to exceed marginally the overall demand for legal services. This also happens within individual fields of legal specialization, such as Family Law, within a given geographic market.

The inevitable result for lawyers with no distinguishing commercial or competitive advantage, regardless of ability, will be marginal profitability or un-profitability.

The Same Actions Always Produce the Same Results

Against that known and dire supply and demand situation, what law firm marketing strategies do you use to distinguish yourself from the local failing lawyer-crowd?

You network with other lawyers in town. You blog like other lawyers in town. You signed up for every free referral service in town.  You’re on every free web directory like all other lawyers in town. You have the standard jack-of-all-trades lawyer website.  On that website, you present a completely boring and thoroughly lawyerly message that does not resonate with any of your potential clients, but which all other lawyers in town tell you is great. You have a small marketing budget like most other lawyers in town.

In short, you have the exact same law firm marketing strategies as every other lawyer in town.  And guess what! Those law firm marketing strategies don’t work for any of you. Your commercial results are the same as those of every other lawyer in town!!

And those results are not only entirely predictable but also they are  planned for by and through the me-too law firm marketing strategies you have carefully selected to represent your law firm’s future profitability.

So Stop Doing the Same Things!

To succeed in such a highly competitive market where the supply has become almost completely homogenized , you must provide your potential clients with sufficient reasons to hire you at a distinctly greater rate than they hire your competitors.  You must distinguish yourself  from the lawyer-crowd in every aspect of your law firm marketing strategies.

Your potential clients are awash in an ocean of nondescript divorce lawyers.  Your target clients are looking for reasons to hire someone. Why would they hire you if you insist on looking like every other lawyer in town?  In short, why would they hire you to represent their legal and economic interests if you do not represent your own professional commercial interests in a bold, distinctive and competituive manner?

There is no cogent reason for the local divorce consumer to hire you if you act and appear like all other local divorce lawyers.  She doesn’t care about the nobility of the legal profession. She cares about a creative solution to her retirement plan division.  She can’t detect your brilliance through the ether.  You have to show her!

You already know what your results will continue to be if you do nothing different and simply elect to blend in with the lawyer-crowd.

So What Different Law Firm Marketing Strategies Should You Use?

Hint: You have already found the platform.

You must at least suspect, if you have not realized it fully, that if you are going to build your law firm on the basis of traditional word-of-mouth and noble lawyerly reputation alone, you had better be very young.  So you’ve developed, or are developing as you are reading this, a law firm business development plan.

Part of that plan should be the recognition that you must market your law firm intelligently in order to grow your law firm.  You have a reasonable legal marketing budget, but you don’t have the resources of the older or larger firms in town. You need to put that budget where it will work best – so that you can grow your law firm.

You need to clinch some distinctive commercial advantage that brings paying clients at a faster rate than your current law firm marketing strategies. It needs to be an ethical but competitive advantage that you control.  It must be unique.  No one else in the local lawyer-crowd should be able to copy you when they see your success.

Now Look From Your Clients’ Perspective

Before you finalize your new law firm marketing strategy, think about one more thing. Look at your law firm marketing plan from the sole perspective of your target clients.  You know, the only perspective that actually counts.

All consumers, including Family Law consumers, seek the comfort level and security of a brand.  Nielsen’s September 2013 study on Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages reveals that in North America, advertising on branded websites was the third most trusted advertising form in 2013, a rise from a fourth-place ranking in the same 2007 survey.

Branded websites rank behind ONLY recommendations from friends and consumer opinions posted online in terms of trust. And both of the most trusted forms of advertising, as determined by Neilsen, are synergistic with and can easily be built into any 1-800-DIVORCE campaign.

Randall Beard, Global Head, Advertiser Solutions at Nielsen, states in the same study referenced above that,“For advertisers, it’s vital that consumers make a memorable and meaningful connection with both the message and brand,” says Beard. “Regardless of the ad delivery format, be it print, billboard, TV or online, effectively reaching consumers is predicated upon having a message that favorably impacts consumers when making a purchase decision. These favorable decisions are a key metric of marketing ROI.”

A law firm has only two assets it can brand – its name and its phone number.  It would cost you millions to brand your name, and your clients still wouldn’t remember it.

But they will remember what they want!  An impressive, memorable, ethical and perfectly branded Family Law phone number has existed since March, 1984.  And the website equivalent has existed since the inception of the Internet. And it just happens to be the one word that describes what your potential clients want! Imagine that.

What To Do?

Well, what if there was a legal marketing tool that would distinguish you from the local lawyer-crowd?

 What if that tool worked equally well in both traditional and online law firm advertising. What if it was unique and exclusive within your market? What if YOU controlled it and it was scaleable to your needs?  What if it can provide supplemental income to a general practice or can be used to build a pure Family Law powerhouse.

What if it also enhanced your online results by capitalizing on the powerful synergy between voice and digital, as recognized in February 2015 by Google AdWords Call-Only campaigns?

What if it fit perfectly into your plans for a greater online presence and/or a limited scope representation in uncontested cases? What if this law firm marketing strategy was a bridge to either a partial or full virtual law practice.

What if you could clinch, at low cost, just such an unique and proven law firm marketing advantage that will not be available to any other lawyer in town – once you have secured it?

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we.  But perhaps your first step should be to call Legal Marketing Systems on 1-800-738-3764 at some point in time (like right now) or click below to inquire about the availability of 1-800-DIVORCE in your market area.

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