Online Marketing for Divorce Lawyers


1-800-DIVORCE works well with either traditional real-world advertising (billboards, radio, office storefront awning, public transport/taxi/bus or bench ads, mobile ads, public bathroom ads, blimp ads, etc.) or digital online marketing (especially SEO and/or Pay-Per-Click for divorce lawyers).

In relation to online marketing, our strong recommendation is to rely long-term on organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO for divorce lawyers) with an emphasis on owning and controlling all of your online marketing assets. You should own or control your branded domain name, website content, marketing content (including all blog posts), video content, pre-hiring online answers to consumer legal questions, all client testimonials and reviews, all branding assets, your goodwill and your email list of clients with whom you’ve had a prior professional relationship.

That doesn’t mean you should stop having either free or paid memberships at mass lawyer-finder platforms like Avvo, Justia, FindLaw,, Yelp, etc. It means that you should understand how those systems work against you and temper their use accordingly.  Don’t let them own your consumer answers, i.e. your content. If you use those systems, they will inevitably own some portion of your good will and your client list.  Your clients are going back to Avvo or LegalZoom, not you, in the future.

Stop pumping ONLY brands that you don’t own or control.  If you use paid memberships, stop allowing your per-case profit margin to be controlled ENTIRELY by others.

Begin to develop SOME branding assets that you essentially own and control exclusively.  Use those branding assets in your own consistent long-term SEO. That will mean that over time, your investments will begin to inure more to you and less to the brands of others.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) For Divorce Lawyers

1-800-DIVORCE works well in all kinds of marketing outreach, no less in Pay Per Click (PPC) (Google’s Ads, FaceBook ads or similar) campaigns.

1-800-DIVORCE is absolute gold in Google Ads campaigns because you can use the 1-800-DIVORCE trademark in the TITLE of your ad. Google does not allow phone numbers to be used in the titles of non-Call-Only campaign ads.  But Google does not consider a mnemonic like 1-800-DIVORCE as a phone number.  It’s considered a word.  So your local competitors will be kicking themselves that they don’t have the actual best family law brand in the world in their toolboxes.  Well, that happens if you beat them to it.

Check our usage of 1-800-DIVORCE in the title of a search campaign ad.   This usage consistently provides us with a 10% or higher click-through-rate (CTR). You’ll notice that we use a clickable call extension also.  However, consumers click on this ad because they are intrigued and impressed by the 1-800-DIVORCE brand, which is mentioned 6 times in the ad, while our local competitors are just claiming to be “aggressive” and “compassionate.”

Essentially, consumers click through to our landing page more because they like our gimmicky semi-humorous mnemonic phone number.  We get more clicks because of our phone number, and then later on, we’ll get more calls because of our phone number. Of course, a percentage of consumers who are closer to the hiring event will call straight away.

Call-Only Ads campaigns, which are delivered only to mobile devices (about 65% of searching traffic, are also superb for 1-800-DIVORCE.

PPC can be a beneficial way to begin a new family law campaign and get a few cases in the pipeline faster than SEO alone.

Industry colleague, Phil Frankel at 1-800-HURT-911, has done extensive A/B testing on the value of listing a toll-free mnemonic phone number in the titles of Google ads. And Phil provides data about his own PPC results with 1-800-HURT-911 to prove this point.

Phil also points out, as we do above, that the great value of memorable toll-free vanity numbers like 1-800-DIVORCE and 1-800-HURT-911 in Google Ads campaigns is that Google considers the vanity “number” as a word, not a number.  So with 1-800-DIVORCE, you would be able to include that word in the title of your Google Ads, as demonstrated above.  Phone numbers are specifically prohibited from Google Ad titles. If you structure your 1-800-DIVORCE activity just right, you’d have the advantage of being able to include a single word in your ad title that would be your firm name, your brand, your phone number and your website. Not bad for 13 characters.

Bear in mind that 1-800-DIVORCE service now comes automatically with a built-in geographically-targeted Google Ads campaign established and managed by Legal Marketing Systems.

BTW, in SEO you are able to use your phone number in your SEO page titles, but no one does because the title is valuable real estate and no one wants to waste that real estate with a crappy phone number. Put 1-800-DIVORCE into your SEO page titles and it will stand out like a beacon on the search engine results page.

Perhaps the main thing to remember here is that 1-800-DIVORCE improves your calls and click numbers no matter what you do. Whether PPC already works for you or its a new marketing idea for you, it’ll work much better with 1-800-DIVORCE.

Avoid the bidding treadmill. Others control it. When your competitors increase their bids, you can only raise yours (more cases at lower profit margins) or move down the rankings (fewer cases).

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Is Your SEO provider betting against you?

Does Your SEO/PPC Provider Have a Conflict?

As lawyers, we are trained to see conflicts of interest anywhere and everywhere they exist on behalf of our clients. That recognition apparently does not extend to blatant conflicts of interest that exist for the sole benefit of SEO or PPC agencies we hire to promote our practices and bottom lines.

Is your law firm paying an SEO, PPC or other online marketing company that is padding its bottom line at the cost of yours? If your third party legal marketing agency has any other family law firm clients in your town, you are paying someone who is trying to get your competitors’ websites and ads ranked higher than yours.

Read About Conflicts

Have you asked your SEO/PPC agency whether you are their ONLY lawyer client in your town? Would you trust them to answer accurately?  Is their current client list available for your inspection? Would you believe them when they tell you that they do their best for each law firm client? Should you believe that they keep the marketing gains of each law firm client compartmentalized so that no other local firm benefits from improvements made in your account? It’s easy to determine the answer to all of these questions.  It’s, “no.”

Stop paying any SEO, PPC, lead-gen or other marketing agency that is also paid by any of your competitors.


“The … lesson is that firms should not waste time and resources trying to promote all its practice areas. They should determine what they are really known for (their brand) and focus their marketing efforts narrowly on one or two practice areas.” – Lawyerist



Your target clients are looking for a specialist. They see value for themselves and their cases in your specialization. You see a detriment in limiting yourself to one specialty. Guess which perspective counts. You don’t have to be a specialist, but you must be perceived as one. 1-800-DIVORCE causes you to be perceived as a specialist.